Is Actor Nolan Gould Gay? All about Nolan Gould

Is Actor Nolan Gould Gay(1)

American model and actor Nolan Gould was recently rumored as gay, although this is not cleared by the celebrity himself, let’s know a bit about Nolan’s life and career.

Who is Nolan Gould?

Is Actor Nolan Gould Gay
Is Actor Nolan Gould Gay

Nolan Gould is an American citizen by birth. He started his acting career by debuting in 3 films in the year 2007. Nolan was born on 28 October 1998 in New York, United States. A 25-year-old American citizen, actor, and model, who is mostly known for his role as ‘Luke Dunphy’ the youngest cast in the American sitcom TV series ‘Modern Family’. Nolan also acted in multiple films. Nolan Gould earlier started his career by doing commercials. He is also known as the Modern Family star. His brother Adian Gould also featured in modern family episodes, and later appeared in ‘CSI Crime Scene Investigation’. 


To address the specific inquiry, Nolan identifies as heterosexual. He has been involved in romantic partnerships with women and does not harbor any sexual attraction towards men. Nolan’s history of relationships affirms his heterosexual orientation. Additionally, his public dating life with women further solidifies this aspect. If Nolan had any inclination towards men, he would likely have been forthright about it.

why do some people say Noland Gay?

Does Nolan, who typically keeps his personal life private like many other celebrities, face questions about his sexuality? Yes, especially after portraying a gay character in Rapper Logic’s music video. However, Nolan has shown genuine interest in women, evident from his participation in the “Celebrity Dating Game” where he only pursued female contestants. Despite occasional claims about his character on “Modern Family” being bisexual, it’s clarified that Luke’s romantic relationships on the show were exclusively with women

Nolan’s Relationship

Earlier, Nolan admitted that he was in a relationship with a pediatric nurse ‘Lindsay Schweitzer’ in the year 2017. They met at a charity event in Kansas City. People are also confused about his relationship with ‘Ariel Winter’ when she claims that their relationship is getting stronger.

Actor Nolan Gould On Vacation

Is Nolan Gould’s Dating Anyone

 Nolan Gould has kept his dating life mostly private. While he appeared on dating shows like “The Celebrity Dating Game” in 2021, he hasn’t openly discussed any long-term relationships. There were rumors about him dating his “Modern Family” co-star Ariel Winter, but Gould clarified in 2016 that they were just good friends. He emphasized their close bond, stating,

“I love her but she’s a really good friend,” Gould revealed.

Gould said in an interview with The Delite

“We grew up together … I would never wanna waste that.

Gossip/questions/rumors about Noulan’s sexual orientation

Nolan Gould is straight, and not interested in men (in a sexual way). Questions about his sexuality arose when acted in a music video as a gay man in 2017. Although, Nolan has not confirmed is he gay or not. But there is nowhere a single statement by himself that he is gay. One of his co-stars ‘Jesse Tyler Ferguson’ from Modern Family has come out as gay.

Nolan Gould’s Net Worth

According to the information collected from the internet and various sources, Nolan Gould’s net worth is estimated at around $12M to $15M. He charged $125,000 per episode when he was featured in the ABC serial sitcom Modern Family. This information says that Nolan Gould’s net worth is 12$ million. But According to Taaza Gossip’s research, this could be far more, we guess that his net worth is around $40 to $45 Million according to his participation in multiple films, serials, commercials, and music videos.

Nolan Gould’s Biography

Here is a biography of Nolan Gould at a glance:

NameNolan Gould
Age25 years, 28 October 1998, New York City, United States
ProfessionActing, Modeling
GenderMale (straight)
FamilyAngela (mother)Edwin Gould (father)Adian Gould (brother)
Years Active2007-Present
Zodiac SignScorpio
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
Height5’8 ft, 177cm
Weight72 kg, 158 lb

Let’s see which serials and films has Nolan acted in


The McPassionWaiting RoomSunny & Share Love YouSon at RestaurantWild ChildJason2007
Space BuddiesHysteriaSamChild2009
Friends With BenefitsSammy2011
GhoulTimmy Graco2012
The To-Do ListMax2013
Field of Lost ShoesRobert / Sir Rat2014
YesJeremiah Rosenhaft2019
The Nana ProjectAndrew2023


Modern FamilyLuke Dunphy2009-2020
GoodLuck CharlieZander2010
The Hunting Hour: The SeriesJack Pierce2011
Whose Line Is It AnywayHimself2014
Sofia The FirstElliot2015
Hells KitchenHimself (Guest diner)2016
Worst Cooks in AmericaHimself (Contestant)2018
Celebrity Dating GameHimself2021
Grey’s AnatomyChase Sams2022

Other Stories

Nolan Gould and his co-casts were nominated for Screen Actors Guild Awards in the year 2017. Rico Rodriguez, Ariel Winter, and Sara Hyland were also seen in that award show.

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Actor Nolan Gould is not gay, this is a complete rumor. Nolan Gould’s relationship is still not public. Nolan Gould’s net worth is $40 to $45 million approximately.

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