is David Spade gay? The truth about his sexuality

David Spade is gay

David Paul Spade, born July 2, 1964, in Rochester, Minnesota, is a comedic force with a career spanning decades. From his iconic “Weekend Update” anchor days on Saturday Night Live to his leading roles in hit movies like “Joe Dirt” and “Tommy Boy,” Spade has solidified his place as a Hollywood mainstay. But amidst the laughter and witty one-liners, a lingering question persists: is David Spade gay? The answer is David Spade is not a GAY.

This article delves into the rumors surrounding Spade’s sexuality, exploring his past relationships, public statements, and overall persona. We’ll sift through facts and speculation, leaving you with a clearer understanding of the man behind the humor. Buckle up, because we’re about to unpack the enigma of David Spade.

Is David Spade Gay?

David Spade is gay
Is David Spade gay?

No, Mr. David Spade is not a GAY. Even though he dated many women, some still think so. They say it’s because his relationships don’t last long. But David prefers women. He’s never been linked to men. So, he’s probably straight. Despite rumors, people love him for making them laugh and being honest about his life. He’s been in comedy for a long time and will be remembered for it.

David Spade Gay Rumors

The rumors surrounding Spade’s sexuality often stem from his comedic style. Some have interpreted his deadpan delivery, sarcastic humor, and occasional effeminate mannerisms as indicators of his being gay. However, it’s crucial to remember that these are comedic traits, not necessarily reflections of his personal life.

David Spade’s Past Relationships

Spade has dated several high-profile women throughout his career, including actresses Lara Flynn Boyle, Heather Locklear, and Naya Rivera. He even shares a daughter with Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace. These relationships, though seemingly heterosexual, haven’t quelled the rumors, as some argue they could be “beards” or part of a facade.

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Who is David Spade Dating?

Dude, did you know David Spade dated some cool actresses? Like, after he split from Eva Longoria, he hung out with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Courteney Cox, and Kristen Bell! He even went on dates with Kristen Bell and Sarah Michelle Gellar. But then there were rumors about him and Courteney Cox. It’s like a Hollywood rollercoaster.

Lara Flynn Boyle (1996-1997)

Spade’s relationship with actress Lara Flynn Boyle was short-lived but highly publicized. While the nature of their split remains private, it fueled speculation about Spade’s sexuality due to their contrasting personalities and Boyle’s involvement in the LGBTQ+ community.

Heather Locklear (2006)

The brief fling between Spade and actress Heather Locklear further cemented his connection to Hollywood’s elite. Yet, the on-again-off-again nature of their relationship and its ultimate demise only added to the ongoing question surrounding his sexuality.

Jillian Grace (2007)

Spade’s relationship with Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace resulted in their daughter, Harper. This seemingly traditional relationship presented a stark contrast to the rumors, but questions lingered around the possibility of a constructed image for public consumption.

Jasmine Waltz (2011)

Spade’s brief dalliance with model Jasmine Waltz further blurred the lines. The age difference and the short duration of the relationship sparked renewed speculation about his true sexual orientation.

Charlotte McKinney (2016)

Spade’s relationship with comedian and model Charlotte McKinney was another fleeting connection that fueled rumors. The nature of their brief encounter left room for interpretation, perpetuating the ongoing speculation.

Naya Rivera (2017)

The tragic death of actress Naya Rivera, with whom Spade had a brief romance, cast a somber shadow over the discussion. While it offered no definitive answers about his sexuality, it added another layer of complexity to the ongoing narrative.


Ultimately, the question of David Spade’s sexuality remains unanswered. He has never explicitly addressed the rumors, leaving his personal life in mystery. While his past relationships and comedic persona offer clues, they are ultimately open to interpretation. Whether you believe the rumors or not, David Spade’s comedic genius and talent remain undeniable. Perhaps, the true answer lies not in his sexual orientation, but in his ability to make us laugh, regardless of the speculation surrounding his private life.

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