Is Greg Gutfield Gay? Biography, Net Worth, and Sexuality


Many rumors about Greg Gutfield have been raised about this comedian after he has shown his support to the LGBTQ community and their rights. Many of you already know what happened and how this controversy came. But who doesn’t know yet whether is Greg Gutfield gay or not, here we have a short discussion about this controversial topic, and we also provide a brief biography of Greg Gutfield below.

Who Is Greg Gutfield?

Greg Gutfeld, or Gregory John Gutfeld is an American TV host, political commentator, comedian, blogger, and author. He is a television personality who had his program on TV, named – Gutfeld, by his name, it is known as The Greg Gutfeld Show to the audience who used to watch this show. He ran this TV show for almost 6 years, from 2015 to 2021.

Gregory Gutfeld is co-host in another TV show, named – The Five, with other 4 people on the Fox News Channel. He also hosted the late-night talk show which belongs to the 3 AM series called – Red Eye.

Is Greg Gutfield Gay?

Nope, Greg Gutfeld isn’t gay. Though he once joked about opening a “gay mosque” and had different opinions on gay marriage, he’s married to a woman. He hasn’t been seen with any boyfriends, so it’s safe to say he’s straight. Think of it like ice cream flavors: he prefers vanilla, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like chocolate

Greg Gutfeld’s Relationships

Greg Gutfeld and Elena Moussa tied the knot in 2014, opting for a civil ceremony after dating for just five months. Moussa, a former model turned Russian fashion stylist and photo editor for Maxim Russia, was born in Russia in March 1982 and spent part of her childhood in London. Standing at 5 feet 10 inches, she towers over her husband, who is reportedly 5 feet 5 inches tall. They reside in New York City and have chosen to keep their personal lives out of the public eye, despite their substantial following. They first crossed paths in 2004 when Gutfeld, then the editor-in-chief of Maxim UK, met Moussa on his inaugural day on the job. Gutfeld later reminisced about that encounter in an interview with the Daily Beast.

Is Greg Gutfeld Married?

Greg Gutfeld wife
Greg Gutfeld wife Elena Moussa

Yes, Greg Gutfeld is married. In 2004,. Elena, a former Russian model turned fashion stylist and photo editor, caught Greg’s eye while he was living in London for three years.

Their romance quickly bloomed, and after just five months of dating, they exchanged vows in a civil ceremony in New York City. Elena, who is 40 years old, is a graduate of the Parsons School of Design and the New York Fashion Institute of Technology.

In 2011, Elena founded her own design business called The Moussa Project. Despite being active on social media, she maintains a low profile and mostly shares her passions for home and fashion design.

Is Gregory John Gutfeld Gay or Bisexual? Gutfeld’s Sexuality or Sexual Orientation

When the rumors are confusing the readers, here is our answer based on hours of research and analysis, we can say that Gregory Gutfeld is not gay. He also hasn’t spoken about whether he is straight or not by himself. This controversy was raised by his audience and social media followers.

 GREG GUTFIELD controversies
GREG GUTFIELD Controversies

Where Did This Controversy Come From?

The questions on Greg Gutfeld’s gender sexuality or interest came to the heading when he openly showed his support for the LGBTQ community and spoke about that. Although, he is into the shows and over social media, talking about LGBTQ and their rights. That’s why some people doubted that he is bisexual or gay, but he is not.

Greg Gutfeld’s Biography

Greg Gutfeld was born on 12 September 1964, in San Mateo, California, United States. Greg graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1987. He did his bachelor’s in English. After that, he interned at The American Spectator and earned the skills of writing, editing, and inspecting. This helped him in his career where he later got into television and media. Other information about Greg is the following:

NameGregory John Gutfeld (Greg Gutfeld)
Age59, 12th September 1964, San Mateo, California, United States
OccupationTelevision and media personality, political commentator and satirist, blogger, comedian, author, and anchor
EducationDegree in English from the University of California, Berkeley, 1987
ParentsFatherMother 2Alfred Jack GutfeldJacqueline Bernice “Jackie” (nee Cauhape)
GenderMale (straight)
RelationshipMarried to Elena Moussa, 2004
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlue
Zodiac SignVirgo

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Greg’s EarlyLife

Greg Gutfeld was born and raised in a catholic family. In 2009, he explained that he experienced a change in his political view while he was in college. By being around conservatives, he became a libertarian. Greg also said in an interview – “You realize that there’s something distinctly in common between two groups, the left and the right, the worst part of each of them is the moralizing.”

Greg Gutfeld’s Career

After interning as an assistant to R. Emmet Tyrrel in the conservative magazine The American Spectator, he worked in Prevention magazine as a staff writer too. He also worked as an editor for Rodale Press magazine. He became a staff writer at Men’s Health at the year 1995 and was promoted to editor-in-chief 4 years later. He moved to London in 2004 and worked as the editor of Maxim Magazine till 2006.

Personal Life

When a celebrity tries to hide his private data, people become more obsessed with knowing about him. Gregory Gutheld doesn’t share much about his personal life in interviews or any other platforms. But looking closely into his life, people might find something suspicious. After 5 months of dating Gutfeld and Moussa got married in 2004 in a civil ceremony. Gutfeld started to live in New York City with her Russian wife.

Greg Gutfeld Net Worth:

Greg earns $24M as an annual salary from his employer at Fox News.

Net Worth$150 Million

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Greg Gutfeld Gay?

The answer is NO, Greg is not gay

Is Greg Gutfeld Married?

Yes, Greg Gutfeld is married

Is Greg Gutfeld a lawyer?

The answer is no, Greg is not a lawyer

Who is Greg Gutfeld’s wife?

Greg Gutfeld’s wife’s name is Elena Moussa, she is a Russian Civic

Greg Gutfeld’s Height

1.65 meters and 5’5 in feet


Gregory John Gutfeld is not gay and it’s clear, and as there are no clear statements by himself about his interest in people, it can be said that he is straight. Although he has never shown interest in men in a sexual manner. So, all the gay rumors are fake about Greg Gutheld.

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