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Is Matt Rife Gay? Discover His Net Worth, Biography, and Age

The American famous comedian and actor Matt Rife is recently rumored to be gay. Somehow the controversy started from the internet. Today, we will discuss is Matt Rife gay or if it is a rumor and will get a bit of knowledge about actor Matt Rife.

Who is Matt Rife

Mathew Steven Rife, known as Matt Rife, is an American actor and comedian, who started his career professionally at the age of 15 with stand-up. Later, he became famous for his self-produced show on Only Fans 2021, later by his name Mathew Steven Rife in 2023, and Walking Red Flag in 2023. Matt was born in Ohio, Columbus, and grew up in North Lewisburg, US. Here is a short biography about Matt Rife:

NameMathew Steven RIfe, Matt Rife
Age28 years, 10 September, 1995
ProfessionActor, Comedian
GenresObservational Comedy, Improvisational Comedy, Black Comedy, Sketch Comedy, Insult Comedy, Satire
SubjectAmerican Culture, Pop Culture, Current Events, Recreational Drug Use, Human Sexuality
MediumStand-Up, Television, Films
Years Active2010-Present
Birth PlaceOhio, Columbus, United States.
NationalityAmerican – By Birth
GenderMale (straight)
SiblingsThree older step-sisters, and one younger half-sister.
Relationship StatusIn a  relationship with Jessica Lord since September 2023
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorGreen
Zodiac SignVirgo
Social MediaInstagram

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Actor Matt Rife controversies
Actor Matt Rife

Is Matt Rife Gay?

Strongly no, and Matt himself has cleared his sexual orientation several times on his shows, interviews, and other platforms. The controversy started when he posted to his Twitter account that if you don’t like gay people, you are probably out of shape – this made the fans think that Matt is gay or homosexual. Once he confessed that he watched a graphic gay movie out of curiosity. However, he is in a relationship with actor and dancer Jessica lord and has dated actress Kate Beckinsale. So, there is no doubt that the actor and celebrity are gay. This is an absolute rumor from fans, audiences, and internet users. This is not true that Matt is gay. He is straight and has no sexual interest in men.

Matt Rife’s Earlier Life and Career

Matt Rife was influenced by his friends to become a comedian when he was only 14. This American comedian has started his profession at the age of 15. In 2021, he produced a show titled ‘Only Fans’. Earlier in 2019, he appeared in the comedy series ‘Bring The Funny’ and debuted in his acting career. Some of his shows and works are stated below:

Only Fans Self-Produced2021
Mathew Steven RifeComedy Show2023
Walking Red FlagComedy Show2023
Bring The FunnyReality Comedy Series (as a participant)2019
Wild ‘n OutSketch Comedy and Rap Battle
Brooklyn Nine-NineComedy TV Series
Fresh off The BoardSitcom Series

Matt Rife’s movies and TV shows

Matt Rife, a comedian and actor, known for his roles in movies and TV shows. His filmography includes “Flock of Four” (2017) and “The Walking Dead: Red Machete” (2017). On television, he appeared in “Wild ‘N Out” (2016-2019) and “MTV’s Acting Out” (2016). Rife’s talent shines through in both comedy and drama, making him a versatile and promising star in the entertainment industry.

Family background

Born to April Rife and Michael Eric Gutzke, the actor’s dad, Michael, sadly passed away when he was just a toddler. He has three older stepsisters and a younger half-sister.

Is Matt Rife Married?

Nope, Matt Rife isn’t married. He’s a funny guy from America who’s been linked with some famous ladies but never got hitched. His big romance was with Kate Beckinsale, but they split. Now, they’re both onto new things. So, nope, no wedding bells for Matt Rife now or ever!

Who is Matt Rife’s girlfriend?

Comedian Matt Rife is happily dating actress and dancer Jessica Lord. They first sparked rumors in the summer of 2023 and confirmed their relationship in August. While preferring privacy, Rife has spoken fondly of the Lord’s positive influence on his life.

Matt Rife’s Net Worth

On research, we estimated Matt Rife’s net worth is around $40 million. Here is a short information on his different income sources:

Sources Of IncomeAmount (annual turnovers)Year
Acting$5 Million2023
Performing in Shows$1 Million2023
Produced Shows$3 Million2023
Stand-Up$10 Million2023
In Bank$8 Million2023
Net worth$40 Million2023


Matt Rife is not gay, or net even interested in gay people, and all the gay rumors about him are only the rumors. His girlfriends Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Lord, were not supposed to be in a relationship with him, if he were gay. Rife doesn’t talk about his personal life too much, we better leave him alone.

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