Is Nick Sturniolo Gay Or Bisexual?


‘Nick Sturniolo”, “Nicolas Sturniolo” or “Sturniolo Triplets” are American social media influencers, or they are YouTubers to be exact. Some rumors were floating over social platforms that Nick Sturniolo is gay. We will talk about that, but first of all, we must know about the Sturniolo Triplets. People who know them well can skip this part.


The triplets are the influencers on social media. They are three brothers who run social media channels together. Sturniolo brothers named their YouTube channel “Sturniolo Triplets”. They are on platforms like – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, which have now changed the app name to “X”. They make daily life vlogs, product reviews, entertainment videos, funny videos, prank videos, and podcasts. Most of their videos are not made to deliver a message to the audience, but people still watch their videos and follow their accounts and posts.

Nick Struniolo Sexuality
Nick Struniolo Sexuality


NameNickolas Sturniolo
Age (date of birth)20 years, August 1st, 2003, Massachusetts, United States
ParentsFather & Mother was featured on their YouTube channel
Siblings3 brothers including him
OccupationSocial Media Influencer
RelationshipSingle, not married yet
Race, Height, Weight, Hair & Eye ColourWhite, 5’8 feet (173cm), 60 kg, Brown
Zodiac SignLeo
Favorite ColoursFavorite PlaceFavorite ActorFavorite ActressFavorite SportsFavorite SportspersonBlue & GreenLondon (UK)Tom CruiseJenifer LawrenceTennisSerena Williams
Platforms ActiveTiktok, Instagram, Youtube
Net Worth1.5M$ – 2M$

Is Nick Sturniolo Gay OR BISEXUAL?

Yes, here is the shocking fact for his fans Nickolas Sturniolo is a GAY personality. He is interested in guys and Nick confessed that on his social platforms. He already wrote in his bio that – “Gay Triplet” which might indicate the question to Nickolas’s other siblings “Are the Sturniolo Triplet Brothers Gay?”, well, that might be a yes too. Because the bio represents this thought.

Triplets have been on YouTube since 2021 but Nickolas Sturniolo confessed about his sexuality recently on one of his videos. 

As he reveals his sexuality or gender, we come to decide that the rumor of Nickolas being gay, is not a rumor anymore.

GirlsNick Sturniolo  Don’t Like Girls

Nick Sturniolo says he likes boys, not girls. In an article about his love life, he made it clear he doesn’t have a girlfriend.


Nickolas Sturniolo is from a middle-class family. He has been a TikTok star, Instagram Star, YouTuber, and social Media Influencer. He has uploaded videos and posts since the coronavirus pandemic started in 2020. He posted his first TikTok video on his account named ‘Nickolassturniolo’ on 13th March 2020. The video was a random collaboration with Mikayla, who is on TikTok by the name ‘thebadbitchsorr’, and Toreo, by ‘squidwardsnose42069’ with the caption – #greenscreen my phone fell when we were in the car. After a successful start on TikTok, Nick started to appear on other social platforms. Nick and the Sturniolo brothers created the YouTube channel ‘Sturniolo Triplets in June 2020, he posted his first post on Instagram in October 2020 and created his personal YouTube channel by his name in November 2021.


Nick is currently earning from YouTube monetization, brand collaboration, businesses, and product promotions. There is no information about his annual turnover or monthly income, but, from the research, we can estimate his net worth is around 1.5M$ to 2M$ approximately. Currently, he is not into any job or specific business. It is heard that he is becoming an entrepreneur and will start his own business.

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To conclude, we think that we have cleared the confusion about Nick’s sexuality. Nick Sturniolo is raising his career rather than answering childish questions like his relationships and sexuality. He recently collaborated with some brands and got sponsorships from some product companies. He is promoting the businesses out there and increasing his face value.

Every website on Google might confuse you with misleading information, but Taaza Gossip will let you know about the real facts in very short conversations, in very little time.

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