IS RICK STEVE GAY? all about his sexuallity


By searching for Rick Steves’s sexuality whether he is gay or not, you’ve reached this page, and we can say that you know about this guy. Well, we will discuss his professional and personal life and then look into his sexuality.

Who is Rick Steves?


Richard John Steves Jr. or Rick Steves is known as a journalist, and travel guide and is famous for his travel writing. Rick Steves is an American television personality, radio host, writer, philanthropist, and social activist. The question of Rick’s sexuality arrived when he was separated from his ex-wife and started to live alone and never get married again.

Rick Steves Personal Life:

Until Rick got divorced from his wife Anne Steves in 2010, they lived together. Rick married Anne in the early 50’s. He traveled all over Europe in 1969 at the age of 18. He funded his traveling from the earnings of piano teaching. Rumored, that Rick Steves is still alive at present, November 2023. He graduated from the University of Washington and majored in European History and Business Administration. He never talked much about his personal life.

NameRichard John Steves Jr.
Age68, born 10th May 1955, Bastrow California, United States.
ProfessionTravel Writer, Activist, Radio Host, Travel Guide.
RelationshipsEx-Wife Anne Steves, divorced in 2010

Girlfriend Shelly M. Bryan Wee. 


Andy Steves

Jackie Steves

Alma MaterGraduated from the University of Washington in 1978,

Business Administration and

European History Programs. 

Height6ft, 182cm.
Colour of Hair

Colour of Eye

Blonde and Grey

Dark Blue

Zodiac SignSagittarius

Is Rick Steves Gay?

NO, Rick Steves is not gay. This is a useless question. If he were interested in men, why did he marry Anne Steves and become the father of 2 children? He is straight and interested in women. Rick Steves is not gay and all the questions about Rick Steves’s sexuality or sexual orientation are rumors.

Rick Steves Career

Rick Steves, born on May 10, 1955, is renowned for his travel expertise. His career soared as he shared his passion for exploring Europe through guidebooks, TV shows, and lectures. With a focus on cultural immersion and budget travel tips, Steves became a household name. His journey from a young enthusiast to a prominent figure in the travel industry continues to inspire adventurers worldwide.

Rick Steves Professional Life and Occupations:

Rick Steves is a travel guide and wrote numerous books on traveling Europe. If you ask why Rick Steves’ tour is so expensive, the answer is that he travels through the world from one country to another, changing the food tastes and transportation costs, and carrying the cameras and studio setups along with him to record documentaries. He traveled all over Europe in approximately 308 days, one week in a country. Later in 1979, wrote the book “Europe Through Back Door’ a travel guide book, based on his experience of traveling. He attends podcasts, and recently he was invited to St Thomas Villanova Pennsylvania, and shared some of his experiences through traveling Europe.

Rick Steves Net Worth:

Rick Steves Net Worth:

There is no exact information found about Rick Steves’s net worth. Still, according to his activities and participation, and his earnings from selling travel books, hosting television program episodes and radio audio broadcasts, and collecting pieces of information from other websites and platforms, Rick’s net worth is estimated at around $15M-$20M.


Gossip or controversies over the internet about Rick Steves’s sexual orientation is a rumor, where it is said that Rick Steves is gay or bisexual. Richard John Steves Jr or Rick Steves is not gay and the rumor is false.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is Rick Steves Gay?

Rick Steves is not gay

Is Rick Steves Married?

Rick Steves was married to Anne Steves and divorced in 2010

Who is Rick Steves’s wife?

Anne Steves is Rick Steves’s ex-wife

Who is Rick Steves’s girlfriend?

Shelly M. Bryan Wee is Rick Steves’s girlfriend

Who is Rick Steves’s partner?

Anne Steves was Rick Steves’s wife and now Shelly M. Bryan Wee is his girlfriend.

Are Rick and Anne still married?

No, Rick and Anne are no longer married, they were divorced in 2010.

Is Rick Steves still alive?

Yes, he is alive till now, November 2023.

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