Kyle Rittenhouse Net Worth and Auto-Biography

Kyle Rittenhouse Net Worth

what is Kyle Rittenhouse Net Worth? Kyle Howard Rittenhouse is known as Kyle Rittenhouse. He is an American by birth. He is just 20 years old (born in 2003,3rd January). During the civil unrest in Kenosha, he shot three men and two fatally in August 2020. He was just 17. Thus, he gains familiarity. After gaining familiarity, he acted in self-defense. In a word, he is known for the Kenosha unrest shooting. Let’s explore Kyle Rittenhouse’s net worth and auto-biography.

The prosecution of Rittenhouse attracted widespread media coverage and became a celebrity. Following his trial, conservative organizations hosted several events that he attended, including meeting with former President Donald Trump and television features with Tucker Carlson, a famous political commentator.


NameKyle Howard Rittenhouse
Birth3rd January 2003 (20y)
BirthplaceAntioch, Illinois, U.S.A
Height1.73m 5’8” 
Weight68 Kg
Eyes colorGreen
Hair ColorBrown (short length)
Body-colorAmerican white


Mother Wendy Rittenhouse
FatherMichael Rittenhouse
Zodiac SignCapricorn

He has around 213k followers on Instagram. But he is not active on Facebook and Instagram.

EducationSchool student
Social platformthis is kyle rittenhouse

What He Did in His Early Life

Kyle Rittenhouse is a boy of 17 years old. On 25th August 2020, fatally shot three people in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He said he had traveled to Kenosha from his home to protect his private properties as a medic.

Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, Gaige Grosskreutz, and Rittenhouse have traveled there for differing reasons. A police officer shot a black man named Jacob Blake. When a police officer shot him, he was left paralyzed.

Amid the unrest, it turned into a violent and destructive. Then, he fatally shot three people with his assault-style rifle. 

More than a year later, a Decisive meeting found him not guilty on five charges, including first-degree intentional murder, in a case that has bewitched and divided a nation.

Educational Background of Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse attended a high school that was a part of the “Blue Lives Matter’’cadet program, with the vision of a police officer. Now, he is a student at “Lake Community High School.” As a high school fresher, he participated in an explorer scheme, which was held in the Grayslake Police Department.

Kyle Rittenhouse Net Worth and Auto-Biography
Kyle Rittenhouse’s Net Worth

Kyle Rittenhouse Career Profession

Kyle Rittenhouse is a student but had completed his studies before his arrest.

Following the report, he has a car dealership business, and his main focus is to protect his business and save people from entering the protest armed with rifles. But his earnings are still a mystery. Sharing the incident that took a turn in Kyle’s life.Because he got a chance to attend the Trump Rally seven months before the shooting incident.

His net worth is around $50k according to the July of 2023. He is a currency student who worked with the local police force. He is a fry cook there and also a watchman.

Name Kyle Rittenhouse
Net Worth (2023)$50 Thousand
Salary per movie (2023)$1.85k
Monthly salaryN/A
Yearly salaryN/A
Latest update2023

Kyle Rittenhouse Net Worth Growth Rate From 2017 to 2023

Net Worth RateIn Millions
2023$50 Million
2022$50 Million

$50 Million
2020$45 Million
2019$40 Million
2018$35 Million
2017$20 Million

Kyle Rittenhouse believes in hard work and giving back to his society. Every American youth needs it. When he feels sad and depressed about the destination, he draws. The straight from his mother.

Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

He claimed that he acted in self-defense on the night of the shooting, but the prosecutors struggled to overcome him. The verdict was a highly wasted trial.

The jury has made an enormous sense of relief for what he did. He never wanted anything to happen like this. Rittenhouse’s defense said speaking to the reporters outside the court was too much misunderstanding.

After two weeks of protestation and evidence led by an all-day long turn into the stand by Rittenhouse himself, defense Attorneys were capable of convincing the jury of 12th that the night of August 2020 was filled with poisonous peril for the 17-year-old Rittenhouse.

He is considered for five days before being found innocent. Kenosha County District Attorney’s office said that while we are disappointed with the verdict, it must be respected. We are grateful to the jury members for their diligent and thoughtful deliberations.

The community expressed their opinions and feelings about this verdict civilly and peacefully.

Where is he now

He already moved to Texas last year after being shot by two people in Kenosha. He ramped up his political involvement in Texas, often railing against the media.

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FAQ About Kyle Rittenhouse

What is the full name of Kyle Rittenhouse?

Kyle Howard Rittenhouse

How old is Kyle Rittenhouse?

He is just 20 years old.

Where does Kyle Rittenhouse live?

He lives in Antioch, Illinois. He is an American.

How tall Kyle Rittenhouse is?

He is at most 1.73 meters.

When was Kyle Rittenhouse born?

He was born on 3rd January 2003.

Does Kyle Rittenhouse have siblings?

He has 2 siblings.

Who are the parents of Kyle Rittenhouse?

Wendy Rittenhouse and Michael Rittenhouse

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