Leah Pruett net worth in 2024

Leah Pruett net worth

As of 2024, Leah Pruett’s Net worth is around $15 Million. Let’s find out All the questions and answers about Leah Pruett net worth.

Leah Christine Pruett (formerly Leah Pritchett and Leah LeDuc) is a force to be reckoned with on the drag racing circuit. As a Top Fuel driver in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), she’s carved a path of success, earning multiple race wins and etching her name in history. This article dives deep into Leah’s life, exploring her career trajectory, income sources, personal life, and the impact she’s leaving on the world of drag racing.

Leah Pruett Profile Summary

Name Leah Christine Pruett
Profession Motorsports Racing Driver 
Date of Birth May 26/1988 (36 Years old)
Leah Pruett net worth$15M
Gender Male 
Nationality American 
Leah Pruett net worth
Leah Pruett

Leah Pruett Net Worth in 2018-2024

YearEstimated Net Worth
2018$7 Million
2019$8 Million
2020$9 Million
2021$10 Million
2022$12 Million
2023$13 Million
2024$14 Million 

Leah Pruett’s Main Income Source

Leah’s primary income source stems from her drag racing career. Top Fuel drivers earn through a combination of factors.


Teams provide base salaries to their drivers.

Race winnings

Winning NHRA events comes with significant prize money.


Top racers like Leah attract sponsorships from major brands, bringing in additional income.

Considering Leah’s consistent performance throughout her career, with multiple race wins and high rankings in the points standings, her base salary and race winnings would have been substantial. Additionally, her high profile likely attracted lucrative sponsorships, further bolstering her income.

Leah Pruett Other Income Sources

Beyond drag racing, Leah might have other income streams, although details aren’t publicly confirmed. These could include:


Her popularity might lead to brand endorsements for products or services outside of the drag racing world.

Public appearances

High-profile athletes often get invited for appearances, talks, or autograph signings, generating additional income.


Leah may invest in businesses or ventures outside of motorsports.

Leah Pruett’s Early Career

While the exact details of Leah’s early drag racing experiences are unavailable, it’s evident her passion for the sport began at a young age.  Many drag racers develop their skills and interests in their teenage years, and Leah likely followed a similar path.

Leah Pruett’s Professional Career

Leah’s professional career has been nothing short of impressive. Here are some notable milestones:

Early Accomplishments

She steadily climbed the ranks of drag racing, securing victories in lower categories before reaching Top Fuel.

Historic Win

In 2016, Leah made history by winning the Carquest Auto Parts NHRA Nationals, defeating Brittany Force in the first all-female Top Fuel final round since 1982.

Consistent Success

Throughout her career, Leah has consistently placed high in the NHRA Top Fuel points standings, with multiple race wins across different seasons.


In recent years, Leah has transitioned into a semi-retired role.

Leah Pruett’s Personal Life

Leah keeps her personal life relatively private. However, it’s known that she is married to Tony Stewart, another prominent figure in motorsports.


Is Leah Pruett still racing?

Leah is currently semi-retired. While the extent of her future racing involvement remains unclear, she has left a lasting legacy on the sport.

How much does Leah Pruett earn?

Due to the private nature of athlete contracts, it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact amount. However, considering her race wins, high rankings, and potential sponsorships, her earnings have likely been significant.

Who is Leah Pruett married to?

Leah is married to Tony Stewart, a legend in NASCAR racing.

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