Too Turnt Tony Net Worth 2024. and Auto-Biography

TooTurntTony Net Worth and Auto-Biography

what is too Turnt Tony net worth and autobiography? Would you ever believe people can earn money and become known worldwide through TikTok? Tooturnttoney is one such person who has made it all over the world through TikTok. Today we will discuss TooTurntTony’s Net Worth and how he earns money from TikTok.

Too Turnt Tony’s personal life 

Antony Michael Dawson is known as TooTurntTony.He is an American and also known as a model, and Wild Life representative because he is an animal lover. He is known as a viral TikToker, comedy skit, and many viral videos with his family members. He has a domestic duck too—tooTurntTony bachelor.

BornHair Color 
EducationWestern Michigan university
OccupationSocial media celebrity
Years of activationFrom 2020 till now
Known for TikTok celebrity
Hair color Light brown
Eye colorBlue
Age28 years
Birthday1st February
Zodiac signAquarius
Net worth$ 1.5 Million
Marital statusBachelor
Height6 ft 3 inches

YouTube Information

Years of activation2020
Subscribers4.04 million
Total viewers Above 3 billion


Silver play button1000002021
Gold play button10000002023

TikTok Information     

Followers20.2 million
Likes954.4 million
Accountclick here
TooTurntTony Net Worth
Too Turnt Tony’s Net Worth

Tony has major allergic problems with other pets. so he started his career as a duck rancher, he made videos with his duck. He made an awareness for animals.  Later he involved his family members in his videos which went viral. He made comedic content.

Tony’s content has accrued over 21 million followers across platforms.his content has appeared in media outlets such as Univision, Business Insider, and USA Today.

Career: TooTurntToney’s First Film

Maximum social media users know him as a model, content creator, and entrepreneur. He is famous for duck ranchers and awareness videos. His fans always come back for more only for his authenticity and sense of humor. Before we know that he is allergic to normal pets; hence his ducks made love for animals. 

Tony was very passionate about creating videos and films from an early age. Milfs take Miami is known as TooTurntTony’s first film To gain more knowledge about making films he also got admitted into a university. Because of his fit body, he was selected for modeling. He did modeling then got a job in a reputed film-making company and left modeling. Tony constantly made videos for his fans. In 2020 he started to make videos for TikTok and went viral within a few days For his job he never got time to make videos. He had to stay home in 2019 for COVID-19 and got more time to make TikTok videos. He used to make videos with his mother. Within the first ten months, he has generated over 5 million followers also 15 million views on TikTok. 

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Too Turnt Tony’s Net Worth and Income

Everyone has the same question how much money does TooTurntTony make? And how much money he does make from fans. Let’s give that answer this time.TooTurntTuney earns almost $1 million in a year. Isn’t it shocking?

TooTurntTony Activities
TooTurntTony Activities

Income Growth

In 2023$1 MILLION
In 2022$800 THOUSAND
In 2021$800 THOUSAND
In 2020$800 THOUSAND
In 2019$800 THOUSAND

Source of income

Tony is quite young and his monthly income has not turned into a big amount yet. Every month he earns one hundred thousand dollars and in a year it turns five hundred thousand dollars. Many questions remain how much money does TooTurnTony make on of?

The maximum amount of his earnings is spent on his big house and cars. Now his net worth is almost $1 million and he will surpass this most important milestone. 

He has over 20 million followers on his TikTok account. All his content is related to his personal life like his duck and his family members and a YouTube channel named TOOTURNTTONY in 2023 with over 4.04 M subscribers. Often he published many videos in long and short formate. TikTok popularity has an impact on other platforms like Instagram, and Twitter. That is how much money TooTurntTony makes.

Social Media:

TikTok 20.2 million followers
Instagram2.3 million followers
Twitter88k followers
TooTurntTony’s relationship

Most of his earnings come from social media presence as a content creator, brand, collaborations, modeling, paid subscriptions, and merchandise


On the TikTok platform, the creator earns an estimated $16k per post without including brand-promoting deals.     


On Instagram, he could earn $4.8k for a sponsored post.    


His average earnings are around $2k per video without promotional work. For promotion, he could charge above $3k per video.

Brand collaboration

When it talks about brand collaboration Tony has interacted with some renowned brands throughout his social media-influencing career some of them are Steel Reserve, Celsius, Bumble, NOCA, Bluechew, and so on. Nobody knows how much money he earns from these brands. 


It is unclear how much money he earns from his modeling. 


This earning depends on fans who saw his content. Earning is $12 to $150  he could earn upwards of the 6 figures mark every year from a subscription. It depends on how many pay for his premium content. Toney gifted his sister with $20k to pay off a part of her college tuition fees and that was just a small part of how much he earned from the platform. this is TootruntToney’s only fan’s earning.


Toney also sells merchandise on his website as well as other websites. This is his own business. It consists of beer bongs, rings, hoodies, sunglasses, t-shirts, caps, and several other items, ranging from $20 to $100.but we do not know how much he earns from these.

Too Turnt Tony Net Worth Growth Rate

An American YouTube channel named TooTurnt Tony with 4.04 million subscribers.

The net worth from this channel through 20 October 2023 is $15,844   

Income from YouTube       

Daily         Weekly      Monthly    Yearly                          

$32            $225          $975        $11,705

He started his YouTube journey on 14 September 2020 to date he has crossed almost 3 billion views on his YouTube channel.

He is very careful with his capital and says that he leads a simpler life than his colleagues. Its source value of Tony is almost $100000.The estimated net worth is $2000000The existence of his TikTok account the blogger received only $12000 from the fund of the creator. Let us come for an accurate calculation, multiply the number of viewers of all his videos by $0.00003 Now he can buy a car worth over $ 100,000.At this moment his financial reserves can reach 200 thousand dollars. 

Now we can predict that this amount will increase in double.   

FAQs about TooTurntTony

What is the real name of TooTurntTony?

TooTurntTony’s real name is Anthony Michael Dawson.

What is Too Turnt Tony known for?

He is from Commerce, Michigan, United States.

What is TooTurntToney known for?

Anthony is renowned for his viral creation. also his domestic duck.

What is Anthony’s net worth?

Around $1.5 million

What type of pet does Tony have?

It is a duck

What are his body measurements? 

Anthony has not released his body measurements yet.

What is his zodiac sign?


TooTurntTony’s relationship

After researching, there is no information funding about his relationship. His relationship is private.

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